Why Motivational Mastery?
Motivational Mastery has been shown to increase job performance, engagement and satisfaction, along with measurable increases in leadership capabilities, and sales capabilities. As a result, Motivational Mastery training is the highest ROI training category on the market.

Are you an ambitious executive looking to fast track your career or maybe you’re just not getting that promotion that you want and deserve?

Maybe you’re a career professional stepping up to a senior executive role and you want to hit the ground running.
What if you had a framework that would ensure your results were inevitable. A framework that builds consistency, and repeatability.

Our Motivational Mastery workshop is an experience, not a training course. A facilitation of knowledge, not a teaching process, engaging and humorous, not dull and boring. It allows you to strip back and clear out your day to day tasks, focus precisely on your high payoff activities that drive the highest value, creating faster more focused results in your career or business growth.

This Motivational Mastery 1-Day Workshop comes with 12 hrs. of CPD certification
  • Create open-mindedness, adaptability and confidence needed to drive self-reflection, and learning
  • Increase initiative and self-motivation across the business and career development
  • Enhanced Performance and Productivity framework to enable you to identify your high payoff activities and accelerate business or career growth
  • Tools and techniques required to help each person shape, refine and bolster the core beliefs necessary to perform at your peak
  • Ability to condition yourself or others to take ownership, accept responsibility and personal accountability, that will foster self-confidence, enhance adaptability, and increase persistence 
  • Develop a strategy to positively impact the key drivers of an optimal team or business culture driving a success culture.
We are all chasing better business results. We know that the key lies in getting our people to take better actions. In a valiant, yet all too frequently unsuccessful attempt to get our people to take better actions, we try to close the skill gaps.

But skill training alone does not drive action. How many times have we implemented seemingly great skill training only to watch our people go out and do nothing differently? Nothing has changed.

They take the same actions they took before the training. Changing motives before teaching skills is the key to consistently improving actions and capturing the results we need.

Suitability - Who should attend?
Our Motivational Mastery workshop is the appropriate choice if:
  • You are currently in a leadership and management role or you are about to step up to this level.
  • Career professionals looking to drive their promotional opportunities, not wait for it to happen.
  • Individuals who are looking to accelerate their career prospects with laser focus.
  • ​Sales Executives looking to supercharge their career potential.
  • ​Business owners looking to accelerate and develop growth.
Most of our course participants are high performers, open minded and hold roles including but not limited to: senior leaders, senior managers, executives, company directors and high potential employees.

On our masterclasses, you will engage in strategic discussions and exercises, which promote immediate motivational development for individual, team and organisational growth. 
Who are we?
The Power Within have built all our training programs and workshops upon practical experience and research involving executive leaders, divisional managers, top sales managers, customer service managers, human resource professionals, executive trainers, psychologists, educators and human performance specialists; Our unique approach to talent development far transcends the traditional approach to leadership training.

Our approach not only addresses fundamental skills gaps, but more importantly focuses on closing the underlying motivation gaps that ultimately are the root cause of virtually all performance issues. 

Our transformative development curriculum captures 97% buy-in from participants and consistently delivers training solutions that yield success rates and recommendation rates from clients that are unprecedented.
Why are we different?
The vast majority of training programs are heavily weighted on skill; they tell people what they should be doing and how they should be doing it, rather than addressing the motives that actually drive a person to take the action needed to succeed.

We do things differently, because at its core, every business challenge, every problem, is a people problem. And people problems originate from gaps in motivation. Change the motives and you change the results.
James is an Award-Winning Business Leader, Trainer and Coaching Addict who is obsessed with learning. 

In his 20 plus years in the high-performance sales, business development and accelerated people development realm he has worked internationally for some of the Largest Global Businesses within the Oil & Gas sectors, shaping their people development, coaching, training and learning cultures.
What separates top performers from underperforming talent? 
The common denominator between high performing talent and the remainder of the field always lies in their motives and reason for taking action. Each skill gap, lack of execution of process or poor buy-in to best practices comes with an underlying motivation gap. This program closes those gaps and transforms all participants into ideal, peak performing managers, leaders and employees.

Previous Participants display a dramatic increase in:
Increased willingness and ability to embrace change and step outside comfort zones
Improved understanding of what motivates them to be their best
Greater flexibility to adapt to periods of rapid change

Stick to a plan of action that brings out the best in yourself over time
Elimination of excuses, blame and victim thinking, and ownership of Ultimate Responsibility of your role, goals, challenges and High Payoff Activities (Your In Control)

Here's what a handful of clients say

"Absolutely fantastic, I am a passionate advocate of the power of mindset and James delivers this message with passion & purpose and brings SUCCESS back to what matter most in business & in life" invest the time, the return is fabulous for you, your business and those you love and work with."
~ Dr Iain MacRitchie, Founder, Chair & Trustee MCR Holdings & Multiple PE backed Companies

"Highly recommended training day with James - don’t think you are too busy for this course. The benefits of stepping back, reflecting and looking at your communication techniques and strategies cannot be underestimated - Go!" 

~ Phionna McInnes, Chief Executive at Me Too

“I recently attended James Fleming's One Day Mindset Performance and Motivational Mastery Workshop, it was an outstanding day .
The content is world-class and it has been invaluable in guiding me to the next stage in my business . I can highly recommend James, he will help you transform your business and your mindset.”

~ John Hamilton, Regional Sales Manger, Scotland & North England UTAX UK

"You owe it to yourself to go on one of James' courses! It Will change your outlook on life, how you approach and tackle challenges and will put you on your right road to success. No matter how junior or senior you are or what position you hold, you will take so much away from this and this knowledge will positively impact your professional and personal life. The energy and passion James has is infectious and alongside Enas, delivers a seamless and professional course that passes all too quickly but the content will, without question, remain with you." 

~ Jo Malone, Business Manager - Chemicals at SEM Energy Ltd
Dates & Locations in 2019
Glasgow - 22nd of November
London - 29th of November
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